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When do I get to sleep?

I’m so glad the week is half over. Last week combined with last weekend and this week so far… It’s exhausting, and I can’t wait to be able to sleep in. We drove up to Crivitz, Wisconsin [an hour north of Green Bay] over the weekend for Ashley & Luke’s wedding. It ended up being a good time, even if I didn’t really want to go–12 hours in a car both ways: yuck. The bartender at the reception kept making me a drink that she had just made up [she didn’t have a name for it], and it was fantastic. It was something along the lines of equal parts vodka, malibu rum, orange juice, and cherry juice. Yum! Anyway, the car ride ended up not being so bad [we picked Jamie up on the way and dropped her off on the way home], and even though the hotel bed was pretty hard, we made it work. I’m glad we went.

This weekend Sebert and I are going to take an afternoon and head to Metropolis, IL. He’s a huge Superman fan, and we realized last weekend that it’s right off of I-24 about two hours from us. I’m actually pretty excited about it, too. We’re dorks.

Aww, Frankie is actually acting like a normal cat for the moment. She jumped up on the couch next to me and decided to take a nap. Usually she’s attacking some part of my body or chasing some imaginary thing around the room. Speaking of the room, I really need to clean up. Sebert cleaned on Monday while I was at school, but I swear we can make messes like no other. I’m trying to talk him into getting rid of the coffee table. It’s a catch all, it’s always a mess, and it would make our living room seem much bigger if we didn’t have it. I’ll keep trying–I’m really wanting it gone. I don’t know why he’s having so much trouble parting with it. It might be because he wants something to put his feet on while he’s on the couch, but we can always move the ottoman wherever we want it… It’s not like it’s heavy.

Okay, I’m going to get started on the living room and then get everything organized that I need to for my classes. Boooo.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Not look, however. It’s strange being down here in Tennessee around the holidays… There’s no snow. Snow is what makes it feel like Christmas time when you go outside, at least for me. But, we’re leaving for Indiana on the eleventh and we’ll be up there until at least Christmas Eve, so it should be better. Everyone says it’s been snowing up there on and off for a week… Hopefully it lasts.

Sebert is at Mike and Allyson’s right now with a bunch of the guys… I just didn’t want to go this time. It was tons of fun last time, but Ash was there, so I always had someone to talk to that I knew. Sebert tends to get really drunk when we go over there, so his attention is kind of scattered. Lol. I can’t wait until I have friends down here, too… So that when Sebert wants to go hang out with the guys I don’t have to sit at home alone. But, it’s okay. He’s only been home for less than a month, he deserves all this.

I made dinner tonight and it was really good, but I really don’t want to clean up the dishes in the kitchen. Blah. I picked up all the clutter in the living room [well, all that I could], so it looks a ton better now. But, the kitchen… The dishes are really the only things that need cleaned up, they’re just my least favorite thing to do…

I’m watching You’ve Got Mail. I love this movie. Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan… How could it not be great? =] Really, I’m just sitting and waiting for Sebert to call and have me pick him up. And staring at our GORGEOUS Christmas tree! I posted pictures on Flickr. Our eyes were a bit bigger than our living room when it came to buying a tree, but we were both so excited it doesn’t matter. It’s huge, but it’s so pretty.

Hmph. Well, I’m gonna go tackle the kitchen.

And you sound like thunder…

I should be super excited right now. As far as everyone knows, the guys have orders to come home almost two months earlier than was planned. And I’m ECSTATIC about that. But, I’ve just been in a really shitty mood all day. Sebert promised he’d call today and [drumroll, please] didn’t. Everything everyone has said to me today has annoyed me in some way, whether they’re trying to be helpful or not. I can’t find anything close to post [for a reasonable price] that allows pets. I’m not kidding-virtually nothing. I have to drive back down there next week to get an apartment, and I’m going to end up going alone, because no one can just take random time off work. I LOVE the fact that my husband is/could be coming home early. I can’t wait to see him. But, leave it to the Army to fuck everything up. And just wait… I’ll get all this shit done ahead of time, thinking he’s coming home next month, and then they’re redeployment date will be pushed back again. So I’ll be stuck down there by myself, or I’ll be stuck up here paying rent on a place that no one is in. Can you see my happy dance?

I’m just not in an optimistic kind of mood. Everyone is saying that the new redeployment date on their orders is “official but not official”. Which means, it’s been ok’d, but they’re still waiting for a signature… Or something along those lines. That’s FANTASTIC. Subject to change without notice, just like everything else in the Army. And I can’t start getting my hopes up and looking forward to it, because the second I do I’ll be let down.

I just want him to call me and tell me that everything will be ok. Maybe it won’t be true, but it will make me feel better. I know I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and my attitude will have done a complete 180… It just seems like nothing could possibly go right at the moment. Like any minute I’m going to get an email that says, “Just kidding! They’ll be home at the end of January if you’re lucky.”

Wouldn’t surprise me.